A few weeks back, Joe wrote at Transient Languages and Cultures (which, owing to a historical accident, is acronymised to ELAC), that a page I wrote on the Wagiman language for Wikipedia had been nominated as a “good article”, subject of course, to peer review.

Well as of early this morning, a painstaking month after the initial nomination and two weeks since a review began, I can now announce that the page has earned “good article” status. This means that it’s the highest-rated article pertaining to an Australian language on Wikipedia, and joins 25 other language-related articles ranked as good or better.

However I would hardly think of it as a brilliant article per se; some parts are heavily over-simplified and need a lot more work and in some parts I just chose not to go into detail, but as it’s really just been an exercise in procrastination so far, it’s surpassed any expectations I had.

I’d personally like to see a lot more articles on languages on Wikipedia in the near future, because I think it can be a valuable resource for this sort of thing, provided it’s used wisely. So, linguists and language enthusiasts, get crackin’!