Many of my friends, and possibly people I’ve met and conversed with, will have memories of me telling them that a blind person was once taught to see with their tongue. Needless to say, most of these people thought I was insane, and I could never find the paper that I read it from to back up my claims.

So imagine my surprise when just the other day on the Conversation Hour on ABC 702 radio, the topic of conversation was neuroplasticity, which is the phenomenon whereby the brain can compensate for deficiencies in certain regions, by re-allocating neurons to perform the affected function.

Just in case your interested, I managed by chance to stream the entire conversation hour1 to an mp3 file, which you can listen to below.

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The bit that talks about blindness begins at about 13 minutes in, but the entire conversation is fascinating.

  1. It’s actually only 52 minutes, but they couldn’t very well call it ‘The Conversation 52 Minutes’, could they? []