Courtesy of the Indigenous Languages and Technology list, and in turn, of Bulanjdjan for pointing me in its direction.

I’ve just read that the Ministry of Canadian Heritage will be contributing just over $230,000 (Canadian, I’d assume) towards aboriginal language ‘retention’¹ in Alberta .

Given the list of languages this grant will service (Cree, Dene, Beaver, Chipewyan, Saulteaux, Nakota, Blackfoot, Kainai, Peikani, and Tsuu T’ina) and the number of ways they would like to do so (language workshops, language classes, teacher training, language documentation, immersion camps, Elders reading programs, and the development of language learning materials), it doesn’t equate to a very generous sum of money, but realistically, funding is scant and one does what one can with what one has. In any case it’s an awful lot more than anything the Australian federal government would be happy to invest.

¹Nice word, ‘retention’. Doesn’t quite have the problems associated with ‘restoration’ or worse, ‘preservation’.